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A point of contact is any place on the web where viewers come in contact with your brand. These points of contact are used by brands to sell products, sell services, build a fan following, build brand recognition, etc. Most brands have several points of contact on the web, usually a website, blog, social media channels or any combination thereof.

Ensuring these points of contact are properly designed & deployed is key but first you must clearly define what is expected of each point of contact. Do you want your website to sell tickets? Do you want your Facebook page to increase album sales? Each point of contact should be cleared defined, designed and executed.

Using analytical data we can see how viewers are finding your points of contact and how they interact with them once they do find them. Are they leaving as soon as they get there? Are the looking at a particular product or article and then leaving? Are they buying products? Are they listening to your music? at point of contact. to ensure these points of contact are properly designed and executed is key.

That’s where we come in. Using data readily available, we can analyze and improve upon your current points of contact and help identify potential new points of contact to consider.  Our core team of software developers and network of data partners bring clarity and understanding to an otherwise complicated world of data.

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