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Domain Renewal Notification Scam Alert

Don’t Be Scammed By The Domain Renewal Notification Scam Alert

If you own a domain or if you are listed as one of the contacts of a domain, then you will most likely receive a ton of spam solicitation throughout the year. These type of “Spam Scams” tend to be extremely misleading and for those who are new to the world of domain registration, it can cause loss of ownership.

These individuals and groups are out for nothing more than to trick you into paying them exorbitant amounts of money only to hand over the rights to your domain to them. Once this happens, there’s not much you can do unless you act very quickly.

Domain Notice - Scam Alert

Domain Notice Scam

What to do if I’ve been scammed?

It’s important to note, if you have been scammed or feel you have, you must act quickly. Feel free to drop us a line at and explain what’s happened to you and why you think you have been scammed. We will be glad to help when at all possible (please be patient, we’re a small business in East TN so it may take a few hours to respond). If you know you have been scammed without a doubt, here’s what we recommend:

  1. INITIATE CHARGEBACK – If you paid with a credit card, immediately call them or go online and initiate a chargeback. If you catch it in time, this is your very best defense. American Express is the only card we recommend using when buying domain names because they are the one company that you can depend on to help with investigating and resolving issues like these.
  2. CONTACT ORIGINAL REGISTRAR – Unfortunately, if you are receiving these scam emails, you most likely used GoDaddy or Network Solutions to register your domain. We have no proof of a connection there and it could very well be nothing more than the fact that they are two of the largest registrars around. Either way, you should contact them immediately and tell them what has taken place and that you are working with your credit card company to recover your lost funds. You should then make sure that they help cancel any “domain transfers” or changes of any kind that they may be able to see.
  3. LOCK IT – Before hanging up the phone with your registrar, make sure to have them assist you in locking your domain. This ensures no changes can take place without you first having to review and approve those changes. This final step will be the one that provides a little peace of mind.
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