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Heartbleed – Major Website SSL Vulnerability Discovered

2 out of 3 web servers worldwide affected

The news broke April 8th, 2014 that the #Heartbleed Bug had been discovered. Incredibly the bug enables hackers to steal information such as names, addresses, credit cards and so on, even if it is securely protected by a trusted SSL. Major industry websites have been affected including Yahoo user’s passwords.

Here are several important resources we’ve found to be extremely helpful:

  1. What Should You Do?
  2. Official Heartbleed Website: more on Heartbleed Bug 
  3. Free Website Heartbleed Vulnerability Scan by Qualys SSL
  4. Understanding Forward Secrecy 

If you run a website with SSL, you should stop what you are doing, click here to scan your website for free now. Not in 5 minutes, NOW. Your OpenSSL version and other server settings could have your/your user’s data seriously at risk and it could be a very simple fix to protect it.

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