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Beware Of The Internet Registrations – Final Notice SCAM

As if there aren’t enough domain registration scams out there, we’ve come across yet another one.

To be more precise, it came to us in the form of a fax.

This domain registration scam or “Internet Registrations” scam, is being sent to domain registrants via their fax number listed within their domain contacts via ICANN/WhoIs.

Recently, registrars such as GoDaddy and others, have automatically locked the DNS access of domain registrants (individuals and businesses who register/buy a domain) and are forcing them to provide valid contact information for each of their registered domains. Of course, if you have registered a domain name, then by all means you should provide valid contact information for that domain but (in our opinion) if it is to be required, it should also be protected, which it is not.
We must note that currently you can opt-in for the additional cost of “private domain registration” services but why should you have to pay? We think this should be included in domain registration services if you are forced to provide it.

Scammers take immediate advantage of this required information and begin flooding registrants fax, mail and email with SCAM solicitations nearly the moment they register a domain. These deceptive practices many times cause domain registrants to pay exorbitant amounts of money only to end up transferring their domain and ownership of that domain away from themselves and valid registrars, into the hands of the scammers.

As a valid domain registrar, S.D. Professionals, LLC tries to keep our clients informed of these scammer, so-called “registrars,” as soon as we know they exist.

  • Domain Services Notice Scam: In addition to the scam mentioned above, there is an ongoing SCAM that we’ve posted about previously call “Domain Services.”
  • Search Engine Scam: Also, another scam out there is one that usually comes in the form of an email. The email targets GoDaddy users and others and is deceptively designed to mimic their brand and design. They basically have a script written that searches the “WhoIs” data. When the script finds a new domain has been registered, it sends a fake email out to the person or business that registered the domain. Let’s say that domain was registered with GoDaddy, the script sees that and sends a “GoDaddy-Look-Alike” spam email to the registrant.

Most of the time, this happens almost immediately after purchasing a domain. The scam? They first try to fool you into believing you are still dealing with the same company (GoDaddy in this example) and then they try to get you to pay them to get your website listed in search engines. It is a complete waste of money, don’t do it.

Internet Registration Scam

Internet Registration Scam

Please be cautious and aware of these threats and if you ever receive any sort of solicitation from anyone via email, phone, fax, or mail, contact us before making the move.

*Disclaimer: As a registrar via a leading worldwide registrar service, SD Professionals does offer private registration services via our domain registrations process and only because it is not an option we can “turn off.” The clients that do subscribe to it say that it is hard to use, even harder to manager but it is also effective.

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