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The Value Of Remarketing For Your Business

Anyone in retail sales has heard this phrase, “I’m just browsing.” Which in most cases translates as, “Don’t try to sell me something.” The same thing happens online, however, marketers can now target those “just looking” customers with remarketing advertising.

Remarketing allows you to observe consumer behavior on your website then target those same people after they leave your site. You can target them even if they do not make a purchase. Of course, everyone wants to convert leads right away, but for those visitors who get distracted or wander away remarketing is a great solution.

Remarketing opportunities include selling to a customer who began a purchase but never completed, selling additional products to a customer who completed a sale, cross-selling related products to both new and returning customers, and selling to a customer who simply viewed your site without making a purchase the first time.

There are times when remarketing should be approached with caution. Use discretion when your product or service is personal in nature.

Also, it’s important to track your campaign and watch for any negative responses from your target audience. There are key performance indicators to look for when tracking a remarketing campaign.

Key Performance Indicators To Track:

  • Time: Specifically the time between when a person visits your site and when they respond to a remarketing ad.
  • Action: The type of action they take in relation to a remarketing ad.
    • Do they open an email and fail to click on an offer?
    • Do they click on an offer and fail to convert when back on the website? Do they click on an offer and succeed in converting on the website?
      *Each of these will help you tweak your remarketing content.
  • Feedback: You will need to monitor social media with a keen eye for feedback from non-converts. In addition, your remarketing content should provide opportunities for consumers to offer feedback after they have successfully converted.

As a certified Google Adwords provider, S.D. Professionals can help you get started on a remarketing campaign today. Visit our Contact Us page for a free quote.

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