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New Wave Of Internet Domain Scams Seek To Trick Domain Owners Out Of Their Domains

Through the years, S.D. Professionals, LLC has made it a habit of keeping our clients and blog readers informed of internet scams as they come across our desk. This weekend though, things went a step further. This weekend one of the scammers actually contacted us and threatened to fill the internet with false statements about our company if we didn’t remove our blog which talks about the domain scams, because it was hurting their scam business. If you don’t believe it, here is our entire email thread with the scammers.

The good news, it seems as though our warning people about the scammers via our blog seems to be working. The most recent wave of scams comes in the form of domain expiration scams being sent via email (pictured below). If you receive such an email, delete it! If you received this domain scam email and actually fell prey to it, please follow the steps outlined here or send an email to and we’ll work with you to try and recover your domain name.

Domain Notice Scam

Domain Notice Scam

We will continue doing what we always do, keeping you informed. And for now, if you see negative statements about us on the web, please email them to This way our legal team can work on getting the content removed.

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