Leadership Sevier and S.D. Professionals surprise Northview Intermediate School students and faculty with new school hoodies!

As part of his involvement with the Leadership Sevier Class of 2018, S.D. Professionals’, Jacob Timmons, worked together with his Leadership team (Team FRED) to design and donate nearly 500 hoodies to the students and faculty at Northview Intermediate School in Kodak, Tennessee. With a quality of life focus Team FRED highlighted multiple businesses, schools and nonprofits throughout their program day but the highlight of the day was their visit to Northview Intermediate School (NIS) when their team met with students and faculty to see all of them wearing their new school hoodies! This effort ensures the students can keep warm and show their school pride in the coming months and years. Northview Intermediate School principal, Dr. Rene’ H. Walker said,

“We would like to thank Leadership Sevier Team FRED for their generous donation of a hoodie for every student at Northview Intermediate School. The gift of a new Northview hoodie to each student has provided warmth in this cold weather, but as importantly, it has given our students a sense of pride and community.”

Retired teacher’s aid, Portia Ramsey was given her very own matching hoodie at a special ceremony marking Team FRED’s Leadership Sevier graduation. Portia worked alongside the NIS faculty and administration for 14 years serving the students and meeting their needs. It was because of her dedication to the students and her impression on members of Team FRED that led to the hoodie donation. She was overjoyed to see the smiles on the faces of the students at NIS.

Team FRED received a beautiful painting from the student body as thanks for their kind donation. And school pride is everywhere as students, faculty and staff alike sport their hunter green hoodies.

This donation was but one of many community-enriching efforts carried out by the Leadership Sevier Class of 2018. The flagship program rests on their four pillars: Introduce Inform Inspire Involve. Other programs include Leadership Today and Smoky Mountain Youth Leadership.

All Photos Courtesy of Leadership Sevier
Pictured Above: Dr. Marti Cantrell, Assistant Principal; Dr. Rene’ H. Walker, Principal; Portia Ramsey; Jacob Timmons
Pictured Below: Leadership Sevier Team FRED – Jim Scarella, Jim Downs, Amber Atchley, Chris Ogle, Christie Connaster, Jacob Timmons, Ellen Bush, Dustin Brackins

Leadership Sevier Team FRED - Northview Intermediate School
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