Much-Needed Donation Assists Classroom Instruction

Many components make up the framework of ensuring successful student growth, from a safe, supportive learning environment to a setting that values each child’s uniqueness and learning style. At the Trula Lawson Early Childhood Center, parents, children and staff come together and form a partnership which encourages each student to reach their potential socially, academically and emotionally. The school currently offers seven developmental and special education classrooms at their childhood center led by exceptional teachers and support staff.

SD Professionals president, Jacob Timmons is a 2018 alumnus of Leadership Sevier. His Leadership Sevier team took particular interest in the Trula Lawson Early Childhood Center and the incredible work they do. SD Professionals recently donated special funds to equip the center with a state-of-the-art interactive projection system which allows children to physically interact with the video content being projected. Timmons said,

“Cindi Loveday and the wonderful staff and children at Trula Lawson absolutely stole our hearts. We were just amazed to learn that something as wonderful as this was available to the children in our community. At SD Professionals, we believe in our community and being able to help fill this need is a wonderful feeling. We hope that other businesses in town will step up and help Cindi and her staff by donating to the school so that they can expand these systems into more classrooms. These projectors really do make a huge difference in the lives of the children.”

Cindi Loveday is the Pre-K Special Education Coordinator at the Trula Lawson Early Childhood Center. She and the staff are very excited about the projectors and the educational opportunities they present. Loveday said,

“The benefits of using the interactive projector technology in our special needs classrooms has had a positive impact on our program. Student enthusiasm for their tasks has increased. The level of engagement between teachers and students has increased due to the integration of text, images, video and /or audio files. Because our special needs students learn in many ways, some are auditory learners, others are great visual learners. So including text, images, audio and video in a lesson allows everyone to enjoy the lesson. Our students with hearing impairments also benefit from the visual presentation. Our students are ages 3-5, hence the shorter attention span. Breaking up a lesson into shorter, varied segments can help them stay focused on the material and learn more effectively. The interactive projector is perfect for this. Our students love to come to the board and easily touch the board to get a reaction. They are able to practice early writing skills, matching, drawing, listening, creating, and participating while being actively involved in the learning process.”

Get Involved

We are also challenging our local business community to support this worthy Sevier County organization and others like it. Your financial assistance for open houses, fundraisers and school programs is very much needed. Please contact Cindi Loveday (Pre-K Special Education Coordinator) at the school for ways your organization can participate and help these children exceed expectations.

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