In our previous blog post titled “Have You Outgrown DIY Marketing?,” we discussed the serious time commitment that’s placed on an already taxed small business owner when it comes to managing a DIY marketing strategy.

Today, let’s examine when it’s time for a digital marketing makeover; a fantastic opportunity to refresh a brand by keeping it relevant to today’s online shoppers.

How do you remain relevant to today’s shoppers?

With so many online distractions, connecting “ opens in a new windowwith people in the right context, when they are in the right frame of mind” requires gaining their attention to ultimately earn loyalty and trust. In our digital-centric world, a person’s attention might be their opens in a new windowmost valuable resource.

How do you earn a person’s attention, loyalty, and trust?
Through an emotional connection.

With so much at stake, emotionless marketing pitches are costly. Once a customer builds a opens in a new windowpositive emotional connection to your brand, they are 7x more likely to purchase and 6x more likely to forgive a company’s mistake.

Lacking an emotional connection with customers is only one signal that your digital marketing needs updating. Let’s explore some other reasons.

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Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

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On a final note, give yourself and your staff credit for your accomplishments. By and large, all the pieces to your marketing puzzle are in front of you, and it can get messy, but the foundation is most likely there.

So let’s take a step back together and objectively assess what is and isn’t working for you.

SD Professionals brings an unsurpassed passion for truly understanding your brand and the unique ability to work seamlessly in partnership with your current marketing structure.

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