Protecting The Health Of Your Customers And Brand

With rising COVID-19 (coronavirus) concerns, SD Pros would like to help travel-related brands address travel safety concerns. With travel restrictions and large-scale measures taking effect, we see an opportunity for travel-related brands to regain consideration from potential customers. To best protect your  most valuable asset, customers, you first need to protect your brand. As members of the travel and tourism industry, transparency for your cleaning practices and concern for your customers’ health is essential. And during this time, continue to reassure customers that steps have been taken to protect them, your staff and others while traveling. If your brand hasn’t addressed travel safety concerns, it is important to be thoughtful and honest with your messaging. Clearly define your strategic health/safety plans, offer tips to help your subscribers protect themselves and ensure visitors’ health remains a priority to your brand. President and CEO of S.D. Professionals LLC, Jacob Timmons, message for protecting your most valuable asset:

“In this ever-changing, uncharted landscape, transparency and honesty are essential. Make sure your guests are well-informed by putting in place educational, informative and destination-specific automated and personal messaging across platforms. The minimal costs to keep your guests properly informed could easily reap high dividends for generations to come.”

Tips For Staying Healthy During Travel

In an effort to echo the sentiment of our president and CEO, Jacob Timmons, we also want to ensure those, who are, traveling are proactive in protecting themselves. Below, we have included a few tips and steps to prevent illness guided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

opens in a new windowCDC’s COVID-19 Situation Summary will be updated regularly as information becomes available

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