Relearning the value of telecommuting during global pandemic

S.D. Professionals, LLC began as a small firm dependent upon telecommuting. Over its 22 year history, it has grown its workforce both with local and remote employees and contractors. In this new world we all find ourselves living in, like many firms, we’ve had to go into 100% remote-mode.

That means all of our employees who have never had to work remotely are suddenly finding themselves in a whole new work environment. Even those who had actual computer workstations as opposed to laptops were sent home with their workstations, monitors, etc.

Now into week two as the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, clients shutter their doors and as the news seems to get scarier by the minute, it is becoming more and more important that we ensure our employees are not only staying physically healthy but also mentally.

So, what are we doing?

Regular Video Conferencing: We are holding regular “full-staff” video conferencing. With this, we see and hear each other and it helps us remember that, while we are not in the same room, we are all still here, working through this together.

Keeping A Routine: While it can be easy to roll out of bed and jump on your computer, we are strongly encouraging our team to keep a routine. Get up, get ready, get dressed, check-in with everyone on our company chat system and talk with each other.

Take Breaks: Get up, go outside, take 10-15 minute breaks every couple/few hours. Stretch your legs, go for a short walk, just get fresh air and get mobile.

Keep Your Sanity: While there are many things you can do such as keeping a journal, etc., we are also offering free Facetime counseling via our medical partners. Understanding that not everyone needs such services, having those services available at times like these, we think, is extremely important.

Stay Healthy: Luckily, our entire team is taking this all very seriously. With that, it is important that we all continue to head the advice of social distancing as recommended and continue to check in with each other to make sure none of our families are in need of additional care and support.

Stay Connected With Clients: We are keeping our daily and weekly check-ins with all clients, even with those who are closed at this time. When possible and when the clients want, we are offering video conferences as well. Continuing to nurture client relationships during these times is critical and going above and beyond is something we always strive to do.

Making Plans: As digital marketers, our normal is weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly planning of campaigns and promotions designed to boost our clients’ revenue streams. And today, we continue to do just that because we know this season of uncertainties will pass.

As our employees continue to hear of clients temporarily shutting down, it is only natural for them to worry about job security. Thankfully, as a company, we are prepared and are able to navigate these turbulent waters at least for the foreseeable future.

“Even in these troubled times, being able to keep our company and team moving forward, while difficult, is something we are extremely thankful for. We know we’re one of the lucky few companies and we remain committed to doing anything and everything within our power to support our employees, clients and community. ” Jacob Timmons, President of S.D. Professionls, LLC

Sevier County, TN is our home, it is the reason we exist and with that we feel it is our responsibility to be here and be strong for our employees, clients and community now and when everything is back to normal and it’s business as usual.

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