SD Pros partners with Dolly Parton, The Dollywood Foundation, and others to bring all-new “Goodnight with Dolly” web series for families around the world during the safer-at-home time with excitement and diligence.

Beginning on March 17, Jacob Timmons sent his SD Pros staff home with their health and safety in mind and their computers in hand. The team packed up their laptops, hard drives and other essentials. No one knew how long the “working from home” set-up would last but everyone knew they were in for the duration. After an initial rush of pushing out temporary closures and event postponements, the team thought they might have some downtime. They speculated they could do various digital housekeeping chores and perhaps log some eLearning hours. Little did they know, their days at home would be as busy as their days in the office.

Answering The Call

Company president, Jacob Timmons talks about receiving the call from the Dollywood Foundation. A call that would launch a thousand stories of hope and reassurance during this uncertain time. In this video message, Jacob talks about the special message of the “Goodnight with Dolly” series and how he hopes it will bring people together. A feeling he thinks is needed now, more than ever.

The Dollywood Foundation

SD Pros is working to help bring the world the “Goodnight with Dolly” web series. At the center sits The Dollywood Foundation. The partnership between SD Pros and the Foundation goes back over 20 years. Milestone after milestone, it has proved lasting and successful. David Dotson, CEO of The Dollywood Foundation had this to say.

“Great working relationships sustained over many years are real treasures. They are rare, hard to find and tough to hang on to. Thankfully, we found our treasured partnership with Jacob and his team over 20 years ago and here we are today still working together and tackling one big project after another.

“‘Goodnight with Dolly” was born in the early hours of this difficult moment. We had to quickly move and not miss a step in order to help Dolly make her dream come true. Jacob never hesitated to jump on board because he knew that if ever there ever was a time to bring some light and joy into children’s hearts, now was the time.

“I ask you to take the time at the end of each video to watch the credits. These are the people who joyfully dropped everything they were doing to make this happen in 10 short days. And I am certain you will see their names again because Jacob and all the rest of our little gang will always step up when our world calls us to action.”

The Dollywood Foundation president, Jeff Conyers shared a message about answering the call and then calling on his closest allies to join the effort.

A Final Thought

We at SD Pros hope you and your family enjoy this amazing web series. One thing we can probably all agree on is that you can never have too much Dolly in your life, right?

Thanks for taking the time to read this article and please stay safe and healthy. And remember, brighter days are ahead, just keep the faith!

UPDATE: Thank you for watching “Goodnight with Dolly.” We hope you enjoyed the read-aloud series and invite you to learn more about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Visit to opens in a new windowRegister A Child or opens in a new windowMake A Donation today.
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