A garage is no place for a Jeep, especially Curtis’s Jeep.

On a typical Monday morning, Curtis Kraehmer would arrive at work about 30 minutes early, sporting his Jeep hoodie and a Dr. Pepper. Then, he would pull up his desk chair and go about his daily and weekly programming tasks. During the weekly staff meeting, Curtis would liven up the conversation with stories of his extreme weekend explorations in his Jeep with his favorite people. He usually has amazing photographs to corroborate his story. Needless to say, the stay-at-home restrictions brought him, his camera and his Jeep to a screeching halt. But thankfully, for us, the story doesn’t end there.


A Note From Curtis Kraehmer, S.D. Professionals, LLC Programmer

I’ve spent more time in my home during the first three weeks of the coronavirus shutdown than I have in the past 20 years. And friends, that’s not an exaggeration. I spent some time setting up my make-shift home office and even strung up some decorative lighting to make everyone laugh during our video conferences. 

On the first weekend, I drove the Jeep around my sloped yard just to have something to do. And I helped my son finish up a deck here at the house that I had been putting off. When our marketing director, John, mentioned he needed a video shot of The Wheel at The Island in Pigeon Forge, my hand was the first to go up. It gave me the chance to get in an evening drive and to pull out my camera. Win, Win! 

Normally, springtime delivers a full calendar of parades and rides – all part of being a Jeep owner. It’s a great community of folks, and my family and I really enjoy being a part of it. It wasn’t long before our online groups started getting requests for birthday parades. Jeep owners are pros at decorating their ride on a moment’s notice for practically any occasion. So, what better time to celebrate than now? Make someone’s birthday brighter — from a safe, social distance.

Of course, if we get the call to lead an impromptu drive-by celebration, we’ll be there. But when the country begins to reopen — and it will — you can bet I’ll be hitting the road. Armed with my camera and a full tank of gas, ready for wherever the road ends. 

Curtis Kraehmer – Computer Programmer,
S.D. Professionals, LLC

  1. One friend who owns a Jeep (one is all you need because you can guarantee that one friend knows at least three more Jeep owners)
  2. Decorations (everything looks good on a Jeep: Christmas lights, flags, streamers, pretty much anything will do)
  3. A sunny day (but remember, even rain can’t spoil a Jeep parade)

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