$5,000 donation from Sarah’s Fund will aid the Homebound Senior Meal Program at the Dolly Parton My People Senior Activity Center

Sarah’s Fund was originally established by Jacob Timmons, president of S.D. Professionals, LLC, as a legacy project for his late mother in partnership with the Dolly Parton My People Senior Activity Center. The fund just announced today that $5,000 will aid in feeding seniors in Sevier County, TN during the coronavirus crisis.

Sarah’s Fund has donated more than $10,000 to the center with $5,000 allocated to assist the center’s Homebound Senior Meal Program in feeding seniors throughout Sevier County, TN, during the COVID-19 crisis. Timmons said,

“We set up Sarah’s Fund to help seniors in Sevier County, TN, live a more active and enjoyable life. Now with this crisis really hitting our seniors in a devastating way, we must do our part to ensure they don’t go hungry.”

Jane Howes is the director of the Dolly Parton My People Senior Activity Center and Sevier County Office. When asked about the additional donations from Sarah’s Fund, she had this to say,

“I am overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of Jacob Timmons and Sarah’s Fund for their recent donation of $5,000 to be used for emergency meals during the COVID-19 crisis. Our community has truly pulled together in typical Sevier County fashion to help those in need and our most vulnerable adults are being well-fed due to the kindness of people like Mr.Timmons and Sarah’s Fund. I can’t thank you enough for this donation!”

Howes went on to say, “I’d also like to thank the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office, our meal program volunteers and staff for assisting in this huge effort to get the meals delivered. Also, a special thanks to Sevier County School Superintendent, Jack Parton for offering the Sevier County High School Culinary Arts Program instructor, Sissy Ivy and students to help prepare the meals, box, and label them!”

The center’s “Homebound Senior Meal Program” has sent out over 4,100 crisis-response meals and counting. Annually, the program provides over 30,000 meals to Sevier County seniors and is funded through assistance and donations from Sevier County United Way, senior center fundraisers and private donations.

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Sarah’s Fund, established by S.D. Professionals and managed by Dolly Parton’s My People Senior Activity Center, honors the legacy of Sarah Scott Timmons by providing monthly activities and assistance for Sevier County, TN, seniors at home and for those in short and long-term, assisted living.

The Dolly Parton My People Senior Activity Center

​The Sevier County Senior Center, built in 2002 was rebranded as the Dolly Parton My People Seniors Activity Center in 2018. It offers a range of programs, activities, and services primarily for older adults age 60 and over. Most programs are free or are offered at a nominal cost. The Sevier County Council on Aging is also located at the center and provides information and referral plus a wide variety of services, including a senior housing program.

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