Rick Dreidemie talks about his active, independent family and how they have adjusted to coronavirus limitations.

The flag of Argentina features the Sun of May. A nod to the independent nature of her people. S.D. Professionals, LLC programming partner Rick Dreidemie and his family embody this spirit.

Are you familiar with the Argentinian flag? El sol de mayo (the Sun of May) is a national emblem of Argentina. It is a reference to the May revolution in Argentina, which led to independence from the Spanish. On May 25, 1810, the sun came out in Buenos Aires during a public gathering.

A Note From Rick

I think the sun, the flag, and all the symbolism it represents, work not only for my home country but also represents me, my children, and even my pet. I think now more than ever, this symbolism allows for us to get up each day and move forward bravely, knowing that there is always another sun that will come up tomorrow.

Let me explain, My name is Rick and I am a remote programming partner for S.D. Professionals. I have been a partner of this company for 9 years. I started programming in 1986 in a throwback language called BASIC. I am also a photographer who loves photos of the sunrise, sunsets, and pretty much anything in the natural world around me. I think these two professions represent the independence symbolism evident in the Argentinian flag. How? They are both professions that require you to think independently and to often work independently. As an independent partner, I also believe it is important to always keep learning, so I often find myself learning new things like graphic design and photography tools.

I think my children, who light up my life just like the sun, have picked up my (and our country’s) independent streak.

My daughter Florencia Dreidemie is 29 and she inherited my love of photography and became a professional photographer. She works with a famous local singer called Ulises Bueno who sings in a style called Cuarteto. This style was originally popular among the lower classes but in recent years has become popular across all of society. Florencia is also a well-known photographer on Instagram. The virus has sidelined her normal work but she has adapted and is hard at work making content for her personal and professional networks. She is contributing her experience as a photographer and is documenting everything that happens in the COE-Cordoba (Emergency Operations Center).

My son Christian Dreidemie is 28, and like his ancient countrymen, a real fighter. He is an active member of the Argentine Red Cross, as a volunteer. He is giving back to the country that gave him so much and is a valued and important leader among the volunteers of the Red Cross. His main focus is teaching First Aid courses in state agencies, businesses and security forces. At this time he is assigned to the COVID-19 Operations Center of the National Government in his Province. He is in charge of biosecurity and first aid training for medical volunteers who are doing related tests or are assigned to the local influenza vaccination campaign.

Kevin Dreidemie is 26 and is a 3-star diver and a real charmer. As a real people person, he uses his considerable people skills to teach basic diving classes to those new to diving. His independent streak has taken him on several trips around the continent to see places and dive. During these trips, he took the opportunity to commit himself to the environment and collaborated with the cleaning of the oceans. He hopes that once the pandemic is over he can go back to school and further his education on these important and timely topics.

The last member of my family is Bimbo, a lion head bunny. If there is anyone in the family who represents the independent Argentinian spirit more, it is Bimbo. Bimbo enjoys total freedom to do what he wants inside the house, without any limitations. Of course, this is fine for me as Bimbo is a very good companion or in Espanol…

Bimbo, el conejo cabeza de león, *Es el rey de la casa”
(Bimbo is the lion-headed king of the house)

Recipe for the perfect sunset photo


  • A professional DSLR camera
  • Tripod (for stability)
  • The Sun


  • Go to your favorite park, beach, or mountain.
  • Make sure the sun and sky are set to opens in a new windowGolden Hour. 😉
  • Sunset gives us very few minutes to compose a photo that captures that magical moment.
  • Set up the tripod and frame your shot. Make a quick study of the elements that nature gives us to go along with the sun.
  • Set the aperture to f22 with a low iso and fast shutter to capture the sun with sunburst.
  • Take a few test shots.
  • Shoot
  • Grab a cold beer. You’re done


  • Share those wonderful moments with friends and family on social media.
  • Add a cool quote for the best results.
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