S.D. Professionals, LLC celebrates the success of the Imagination Library, the wildly popular video series “Goodnight with Dolly” and upcoming documentary film.

As a proud partner of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, S.D. Professionals, LLC is excited to celebrate every monumental milestone of this groundbreaking book gifting organization.

Since the early 2000s, SD Pros has served as an integral part of the program’s expansion. Our team helped develop the unique Book Order System (BOS) which allowed for easier program replication. Once the book gifting program could be easily replicated in other areas more counties, states and countries adopted the model. This led to and unprecedented expansion of the Imagination Library which is now represented in five countries and growing more and more each year.

“Goodnight with Dolly”

Since March, SD Pros has worked to help produce, publish and distribute Dolly Parton’s new web series, “Goodnight with Dolly.” In this 1-episode series, “The Book Lady” reads bedtime stories to kids of all ages to help bring comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. The series has brought much-needed encouragement to children and families during these uncertain times. On June 4 the last episode will air and the series will come to a close. As we say goodbye to the Goodnight series we will look forward to the premiere of a new feature-length documentary honoring the many successes of the Imagination Library.

UPDATE: Thank you for watching “Goodnight with Dolly.” We hope you enjoyed the read-aloud series and invite you to learn more about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. Visit the Imagination Library to opens in a new windowRegister A Child or opens in a new windowMake A Donation today.

“The Library That Dolly Built”

This fall, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library will be the subject of a new feature-length documentary called “The Library That Dolly Built.” Narrated by author and actress, Danica McKellar, the film goes behind the scenes of the literacy-focused non-profit showing how one of the most famous and beloved performers in the world developed an efficient and effective program for spreading the love of reading. SD Pros is proud to have played a part in the development and growth of the program.


The Library That Dolly Built,” directed and produced by journalism professor and director of Land Grant Films Nick Geidner, and narrated by Danica McKellar, goes behind the scenes of Dolly Parton’s literacy-focused non-profit, Imagination Library, to show how one of the most famous and beloved performers in the world has developed an efficient and effective program for spreading the love of reading. Imagination Library started as a gift for the children in Dolly’s hometown, Sevierville, Tennessee, and is now active in all 50 states, and 5 countries, gifting 1.5 million free, age-appropriate books to children every month. The film also provides a glimpse of the profound impact the Imagination Library has on the people through original interviews with authors, policymakers, Imagination Library staff, recipients, and the legend herself, Dolly Parton. Woven throughout the film is a biographical sketch of Dolly Parton, featuring rare photos and films from her childhood. Unlike most biographies of Dolly, it doesn’t focus on her music. Instead, it demonstrates that at every point in her career, any time she has had success, Dolly Parton has come back to Sevierville to give back to her people.

Get Involved

If you would like to help share the love of reading with a child, please consider donating to Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library online. Your generous gift could change lives around the world.

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