A look back on how our team adjusted to working from home during a pandemic and added some fun in along the way.

As S.D. Professionals, LLC started working from home during a pandemic, we documented along the way. Today we take a look back from the beginning as we make plans to cautiously move forward.

Over the past 12 weeks, as the world has been forced to adjust to the new COVID-19 normal, we have shared our individual experiences of how members of one agency in East Tennessee learned to work through the pandemic. Now, as we cautiously plan our next steps forward, we take a look back through what seems like a lifetime ago…the beginning of lockdown.

A Look Back – From The Beginning


S.D. Professionals, LLC helps launch Goodnight with Dolly Web Series

Jacob Timmons – President
“Great working relationships sustained over many years are real treasures. They are rare, hard to find and tough to hang on to. Thankfully, we found our treasured partnership with Jacob and his team over 20 years ago and here we are today still working together and tackling one big project after another.”
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SD Pros Marketing Director John LaPerch's Family

John LaPerch – Marketing Director 3/26/2020
“In that long-ago era called pre-coronavirus, life for most of us was a constant rush. A quick shower, a much too long drive to the office, guzzle down a $9 cup of coffee. A full day of work with maybe a not so healthy lunch…rush home…order a pizza…watch The Voice.
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
Then this happened and it was strange and discomforting and turned our worlds upside down.
But we humans are nothing if not adaptable and adapt, we did.”
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SD Pros Director of Operations Amanda Webb's childhood country home.

Amanda Webb – Director of Operations 3/27/2020
“To be terribly honest, I was already in a major season of change in my life before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. I truly thought I was facing enough uncertainties so how much more could I be expected to handle. This is why when the rumors started flying about enforced shelter-in-place mandates, I basically “‘headed for the hills.’”
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SD Pros Graphic Designer Aws Hussein and Family

Aws Hussein – Graphic Designer 4/7/2020
SD Pros Graphic Designer, Aws Hussein, originally from Baghdad, Iraq, is a man who has survived many unimaginable obstacles in his life. From multiple wars to gangs threatening his life, it is quite a change for him to experience a similar threat from an invisible source. The last thing he and his family ever even considered was a pandemic after moving to the USA.
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Small Moments...Big Ideas - Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman – Creative Director 4/13/2020
“Somewhat ironically, lockdown time has been one of the busiest times of my professional career. I am a graphic artist by trade and a creative director by title…lately I have been cranking out closed for business graphics for so many clients who are unfortunately being devastated by this crisis. My mind and soul needed a break from this madness and this film fest would turn out to be just the cure I needed.”
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It's a Jeep Thing - by Curtis Kraehmer

Curtis Kraehmer – Programmer 4/20/2020
Normally, springtime delivers a full calendar of parades and rides – all part of being a Jeep owner. It’s a great community of folks, and my family and I really enjoy being a part of it. It wasn’t long before our online groups started getting requests for birthday parades. Jeep owners are pros at decorating their ride on a moment’s notice for practically any occasion. So, what better time to celebrate than now? Make someone’s birthday brighter — from a safe, social distance.
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Stay-at-home with Cris Cudos

Cris Cudos – Programming Partner 4/22/2020
“My wife Emilia is a doctor on the front lines of the ICU and she is somewhat used to the stress and responsibility that comes with her job. She is also used to crazy hours. When the virus hit though, her job took on even more importance and responsibility and I had to take on more responsibility at home like many people across the globe have had to do.”
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Stay-at-home with Victor King Family

Victor King – Digital Marketing Coordinator 5/4/2020
“Reconnecting with family, friends and settling into my new routine came to a screeching halt with COVID-19 concerns rising. As our office made a swift transition to working remotely, so did my mother’s office. And the King residence became a fully operational home office.”
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Rick Dreidemie and his family during pandemic

Rick Dreidemie – Programming Partner 5/7/2020
“I think the sun, the flag, and all the symbolism it represents, work not only for my home country but also represents me, my children, and even my pet. I think now more than ever, this symbolism allows for us to get up each day and move forward bravely, knowing that there is always another sun that will come up tomorrow.”
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Kaden McLaws and wife Rebecca making masks during pandemic

Kaden McLaws – Front-End Programmer 5/12/2020
“We know in the grand scheme of what is going on in the world, a few hundred masks would not make a dent in the national need. However, being able to send those masks was gratifying nonetheless. We wanted to do our part to flatten the curve and we did.”
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SD Pros Brandon Collins - Quarantined Couple Grows Four Feet

Brandon Collins – Graphic Designer 5/19/2020
Picture it, Sevierville 2020, a young couple recently betrothed into Holy Matrimony. Seeking to purchase their first home, they decide to settle into a two-story bungalow on the outskirts of town. Shortly after moving in, they adopted their first puppy together. This is their story.
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SD Pros Michael Martin- Starting Healthier Habits During Quarantine

Michael Martin – Digital Marketing Coordinator 5/24/2020
“Thankfully, the majority of the work that I do can easily be done from anywhere, just as long as I have a computer with internet access (and plenty of coffee)! When it became necessary for us to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, the difficult part was losing the offline human interaction that normally provides a balance to my digital life.”
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SD Pros Team Building Exercise
During this #SaferAtHome blog series, we also let our creative talents loose by producing a zoom-style music video. Little did we know that many of our team members possessed such musicality! In the end it was a great, creative team-building exercise. We hope you enjoy and if it brings a smile to your face, well then we’ve succeeded.

Reflection can be such a valuable thing in so many ways. Looking back over the past weeks, we have all experienced more negativity than it seems we can handle at times but we know that we are part of the lucky few that didn’t have to worry about employment, insurance or the danger of being on the frontlines as an essential worker. Knowing that has given us a strong drive to constantly do our parts collectively and individually to help our clients, families, friends and our community as we get through these troubling times together, as one.

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