Just in time for Christmas, we are sending you our warmest holiday greetings and hopeful wishes for a bright future!

Two hundred and eighty three days spent working from home, over 100 virtual meetings hosted and more than 237,000 Slack messages sent within our team…and through it all, we survived!

The ups and downs and the upside-down, we survived it all. And somewhere in between pivoting, dealing with the unprecedented and expecting the unexpected…we grew. We got better at lifting each other up. We developed acute abilities to sense a friend’s mood hidden within the lines of an email or Slack message. We sharpened our creativity and found new ways to support our clients. We were steadfast in growing our personal connections while staying safe. We knitted ourselves together and made things work over and over again and yes, we survived and maybe just maybe somewhere in between we thrived.

Now we take a moment to reflect back on this crazy year and focus our attention on the one ahead. We want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays! Please stay safe, try every day to spread kindness and we hope you have a very Happy New Year.

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