SD Pros staff use their favorite “Dollyisms” to celebrate Dolly Parton’s 75th birthday during Tuesday morning’s Zoom meeting.

Dolly Parton celebrates her milestone birthday on January 19, 2021, and not only does she look good, but she hasn’t let age stop her from making a positive difference in the world.

Just in the past year, besides releasing new music, books, films and television specials, Dolly has also gone the extra mile with her charitable efforts. In March, Dolly produced a ten-episode web series called opens in a new window“Goodnight With Dolly”, in which she reads bedtime stories for kids of all ages, helping to bring comfort during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, in April, Dolly opens in a new windowannounced a $1 Million donation towards Moderna’s COVID-19 research, which resulted in one of the first effective vaccines for the coronavirus to be developed!

SD Pros Wishes Dolly Parton a Happy Birthday

With so many reasons to celebrate the amazing woman who is Dolly Parton, our team at SD Pros got together to record a creative Zoom-style video message to wish her a “Happy Birthday.” And, since nobody can turn a clever phrase like the Queen of Country herself, we’ve incorporated some of Dolly’s most famous quotes into our message. If you’re a Dolly super-fan like us, see if you can recognize some of these quotes!

Some Of Our Favorite Dolly Quotes

“When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.”

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

“I always just thought if you see somebody without a smile, give ’em yours!”

“Smile — it increases your face value.”

“Find out who you are and do it on purpose.”

“It’s hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.”

“It costs a lot of money to look this cheap.”

“You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try.”

“My weaknesses have always been food and men – in that order.”

“I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.”

“It’s a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise I’d be a drag queen.”

Join us in wishing Dolly Parton a very happy birthday! Thank you for making the world a better place, and remember, we will always love you!

Love, SD Pros

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