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Consult SD Professionals when selecting an eCommerce platform

When making decisions about key factors that impact your daily operations, it’s important to have a partner you can trust. A partner with in depth knowledge and experience on the subject. SD Professionals is happy to lend our team’s expert advice to our clients even if we’re not providing the actual e-commerce services.

When considering e-commerce platforms, many of our clients lean on us to guide them through the decision making process. We make suggestions and recommendations during new site research phases as well as during builds. We can also help guide your team through a preexisting site e-comm integration.

Deciding factors will likely involve questions like, “Does my current POS offer an online gateway,” if so, is it pci compliant. If not, what are my options?” And it’s important to know how you will handle fulfillment, shipping, customer service and marketing. Sometimes the choice is as simple as selecting a platform that integrates smoothly with a third-party fulfillment partner while other times it may be as complex as putting together your own internal teams for fulfillment, shipping, customer service and marketing.

In addition to eCommerce platforms we offer consulting and services in a number of related areas such as:

  • Ecomm product names, description creation and setup
  • Product photography
  • Fulfillment process setup
  • Shipping carrier ecomm integrations
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • Ecomm product marketing services and campaigns
  • Marketing platform integrations (instant messaging, email subscribers, etc, SEM, etc.)

#GoSDPros Notes

Choosing an eCommerce platform can become overwhelming without an up-to-date working knowledge of the current online purchasing environment. We invite you to consult with us before making a final decision.

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