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Responsive Design – Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

Mobile, Mobile-Friendly, Mobile-Ready – Decoding Responsive Web Design

For the last decade, marketers have watched the steady growth of mobile versus desktop traffic. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly accessible and affordable. And the marketplace offers a wide range of data plan options. Virtually everyone has a smartphone or access to one.

As of 2017, mobile browsing made up 63% of online viewing. Stone Temple predicts this number will soon equate to a full 2/3 of all online traffic*. In addition, studies show total time spent on sites in 2017 increased for mobile devices which now account for 49%. This 49% to 51% split between mobile and desktop is up from 40% verses 60% in 2016. The indisputable fact is, responsive design drives all web development today.

Understanding Responsive Design

Put simply, a responsive website reacts appropriately to the users’ device whether it be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Small differences such as the menu structure and footer design can really impact the user experience. Few things are more cumbersome than trying to view and interact with an unresponsive website on an iPhone or Android phone.

Holistic Mobile Strategy

Having a responsive website is only one piece of a brand’s digital marketing blueprint. Social media creative and email content must acclimate to a mobile-driven environment as well. Your message must perform well as users interact with your brand across all devices and platforms. A fully optimized mobile marketing toolkit includes optimized images, links, text and more.


Take a look at the following sites on different devices. You’ll see how the fluid design responds accordingly to each device.

#GoSDPros Notes

When was the last time you viewed your website on a mobile device? If you, like other business owners, run your company from an office, be sure to remind yourself to check your website on your mobile device often. Your customers will be glad you did.

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*Stone Temple is one of the most trusted names in digital marketing research studies and cited by The Washington Post, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal and many others.
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