Multiple Locations

Complete Marketing Services for Brands with multiple locations

One Brand With Multiple Locations

S.D. Professionals excels in designing and maintaining websites representative of a single brand with multiple physical locations.

Certain challenges arise when creating a website for one brand with multiple locations. The site must convey a singular brand message while, in many cases, addressing different audiences. Web designers must consider user interaction. And there is the subject of shared and unique content. Establishing clear goals and guidelines is important when approaching a website design or redesign for one brand with multiple physical locations.

One Voice

Company growth may result in multiple locations. In which case, a website may need a redesign to meet the expansion plans. Or a new site design reflects multiple locations already in existence. In either case, the brand message and voice should remain consistent throughout the site.

Remember, conveying a singular brand message to multiple audiences is both possible and necessary. Geographic region, age, gender, etc., can define those audiences.

One Foundation

Proper planning will ease many obstacles when addressing the infrastructure or foundation of a site representing multiple physical locations. Content organization is a top priority. One must adopt a clear nomenclature supporting the current size of the brand and future growth.

Also, consider user interaction. These areas are especially important when organizing shared content and unique content. Avoid creating duplicate content and instead display your shared content from a universal source. When applied correctly, web tools, such as plug-ins can optimize shared and unique content to create an easily maintained website.


Both of these websites, built by S.D. Professionals, represent one brand with business locations in different cities and states. Optimized content helps streamline maintenance on the back-end. And either site is well positioned for future company growth and expansion.

#GoSDPros Notes

In the examples provided, both brands utilized S.D. Professionals consulting services when planning their social media strategy. We recommend using these same principles when developing a social media presence for one brand with multiple locations.

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