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Optimizing Sister Brand Websites

Understanding the unique needs of each sister brand is a priority when building complimentary websites.

Each brand, company and organization has its own unique way of doing business. In some cases, a brand may function independently but maintain a close connection with one or more sister brands. Typically, sister brands are owned by the same parent organization or even individual. They can share much of the same internal infrastructure but to the general public, they appear to be unrelated or only somewhat related to their sister company.

Whereas opens in a new windowmulti-location brands can have one URL with unique and shared content, sister brands function more independently from one another. When two or more sister brands desire separate branding yet still have shared interests, web developers are faced with the task of building complimenting sites.

Complimenting Site Structures

Complimentary sites have separate URLs and branding. The branding can be similar or quite different. However, most sister companies will have reciprocal links. Reciprocal links bring both brands added benefits. First, each brand will help drive web traffic to each other’s sites. Second, they will reap SEO rewards by linking to an outside site. When both sites are optimized, and consistently producing great content both should enjoy high search engine ranking*.

Third Party Support

Because sister brands are owned and managed by the same company and people it’s important to streamline the business side of the websites. For example, each site should utilize the same online payment gateway and fulfillment service. This would be especially important if the sister brands share a corporate office.


At S.D. Professionals, we work with a number of sister brands and their parent companies. In these examples, you can see how complimenting websites benefit both brands. Each supports the other with reciprocal links and content. In addition, there is ample third-party support for each parent company creating hassle-free online fulfillment.

Are you growing your parent company by adding a sister brand? Or do you already have multiple sister brands and need complimenting websites with streamlined functionality for your corporate office? Contact S.D. Professionals, we are eager to put our experience to work for you.

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*Many factors contribute to high search engine ranking. It’s important to take a holistic approach to SEO and SEM.
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