Data Services

Data Services

Our professional data services can help make sense of your data.

Understanding your data can be challenging but it is key to ensuring your digital presence is fully optimized for the highest possible conversion rate with the lowest possible bounce rate.

Using available data such as analytics, sales history, subscriber lists, etc., our team can transform your customer’s journey on a granular level to increase your return visitor totals and return visitor conversion rates.

Our Specialties:

  • Dynamic Customer Journeys*
  • Conversion Tracking – eCommerce, Events, Goals
  • Point of Purchase – Overall Architecture
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • SSO – Social Sharing Optimization
  • Social Analytics – Remarketing and Brand Engagement
  • Website Analytics – Overall Data Tracking Flow & Behaviour

*New Service


Dynamic Customer Journeys

Building dynamic, customized, customer journeys by integrating your available data infrastructure into various available channels and services across the web is what we do.

The end result?

Higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

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